California Erectors (CEI) is an AISC Advanced Certified Steel Erector formed in 1964.  The mission of the founders and shared by subsequent shareholders is to be the premier steel erector in California.

CEI is a privately held corporation licensed in California.  CEI has a wide range of experience that enables us to handle any project involving structural steel and miscellaneous iron in the most efficient way.  Throughout our history, CEI has safely and successfully installed over a 1,000 projects which had millions of bolts and weld metal.  As a result, Cal Erectors has received numerous awards for safety, performance and professionalism from owners, general contractors and within our industry.

We pride ourselves in recruiting and consistently retaining the industry’s finest talent as part of our team.  In an industry known to have high turnover rates for field positions, we have managed to differentiate ourselves by retaining almost 100% of our core group since 1999.

All employees at CEI, most with 15 to 20 years’ experience, take pride in the high quality of our work and are ready to apply our expertise to your next project.  At Cal Erectors, "we say what we do and do what we say."